FAQs About Publishing with Us

Questions about Publishing Your Book? Find Answers Here or Explore Your Options by Emailing Our Author Support Team for a Free 20-minute Consultation.

What will it cost to get my book published?

It depends on lots of factors, like which services you need, how customized you want to get and how long your manuscript is. If you want to explore your options, email our author support team at info@bookpros.com for a free 20-minute consultation.

I don’t have the money to invest in editing or design. Am I out of luck?

Do you have a platform or contacts that could help raise the money? If so, we can advise you on crowdfunding, where you run a campaign to sell copies of your book and raise funds to put toward your project before you even go to print. It’s also a great way to get feedback from fans, get a sense of what they want and know in advance how interested people are in reading your book.

Do you represent a particular sector/type of author?

No, although we tend to work more with nonfiction writers. Most of our clients are business and thought leaders who have important experiences and ideas to share with the world but who are often too busy with their day-to-day work to spend time learning the ins and outs of publishing. That’s where we come in to bring their idea to life.

Do I have to do all the marketing stuff?

It depends on the results you’re looking for. Some authors may only need a manual, workbook or text specific to a particular event or organization. In those cases, we provide what’s called “short run” printing, which means you order however many copies of the book you need and we send them directly to you without including global distribution, eBook conversion and an ISBN. However, if you want people who don’t already know about you and your work to buy your book, the best one to sell it is you. And the vast majority of traditional publishing houses will expect authors to be actively involved in promoting their titles, so if you’re not willing to do it, they will consider that in their decision.

Can BookPros help me sell my book once it’s published?

We can connect you with marketing experts who can assist you for a separate fee.

I’m an established author. Can I publish with BookPros?

Absolutely. Sometimes published authors get reclamation of rights for an existing title, want to publish a companion piece independently or simply have a book that doesn’t quite fit what traditional houses are looking for. We work with a number of published authors who need a unique outlet for a particular book, or who realize that they have the platform to drive sales for their own books and don’t want to give away the majority of their royalties anymore.

What if I don’t want an ebook version of my title? Or what if I only want ebooks?

That’s fine. You choose the format and we do it the way you want. We also have lots of options for physical books, including hardcover (with or without a dust jacket), paperback (lots of different trim sizes), color or black and white interior and exterior, and different paper color and quality options.

I have a small or midsize publishing house, or I’m thinking of starting my own publishing company. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. We have publishing partners who use us as a “white label” partner to help reduce their overhead and to automate their shipping and e-commerce process. Plus when they have special projects requiring production talent they don’t have, we can help fill in the gaps.