My Sheep Have Ears by Cath Livesey

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My Sheep Have Ears

My Sheep Have Ears

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This great new resource is all about helping each member of our churches and communities to grow in hearing God’s voice.

"God longs for deep, open and loving conversation with the children of God, yet we can often find it so hard to know where to start as we orientate and renew our lives into relationship with Jesus. ‘My Sheep Have Ears’ takes the reader on a journey of increasing intimacy with hearing the voice of God from a deep foundation of mature discipleship. Cath’s teaching enlivens the prophetic gifts given to the church in a way that builds personal and corporate health and maturity. I have been profoundly blessed by her insights and teaching and take great joy in seeing other people and church communities find fresh life and intimacy with the Holy Spirit through Cath’s ministry. I couldn’t recommend a better foundational resource for church communities who wish to grow together in hearing God."  - Rt Rev Dr Eleanor Sanderson, Assistant Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand