Fearless. Free. by Hettie Brittz

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Fearless. Free.

In February 2010 an armed robbery made headlines in South Africa. The couple who were robbed, Louis and Hettie Brittz, were well-known in Christian circles. The first headline blurted out the sour note: Gospel singer's wife raped. The next day's lampposts added: Jesus speaks during rape. 

Louis and Hettie claimed they weren't angry and had already forgiven the robbers and rapist. Hettie also claimed that Jesus spoke comforting words to her before and during the rape. This stirred up some questions: What kind of a God allows these things? Theologians, psychologists, racists and the mothers of other rape victims soon typed up a flurry of emotional letters. 

A year later Louis and Hettie started telling the whole story candidly, answering even the most intimate questions about the impact of the robbery and rape on them and their children by revealing parts of the story never mentioned in the newspapers. They share insights and principles for all who long to live a life free of fear and bitterness. 

Fearless. Free leaves the reader longing for an encounter with the God who is close when our world is at its darkest. It gives hope that even the most broken among us can be made whole again and the most sinful can be forgiven.