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Christian Piatt , President and CEO, BookPros

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I've been a professional author for more than a decade, publishing ten books in that time. My primary areas of interest include theology and popular culture, but I also write occasionally in genres like humor, memoir and fiction. 

How does having a book published help you professionally?

In addition to getting my ideas in front of a global audience, Professionally-published books lend credibility as a speaker, and they help legitimize an author's authority in their respective field.

How has working with BookPros helped you achieve your publishing and larger professional goals?

Though I've worked with several traditional publishers, there are certain projects for which traditional publishing is not a good fit. In those cases, the freedom of the BookPros model, combined with its global reach and professional production quality, allows my independently-published work to hold up against all of my traditionally-published titles.

To whom would you recommend working with BookPros?

Business leaders, thought leaders, established authors with a niche project, or organizations seeking to expand into publishing.

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